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KEMIRA Ostrołęka
Tall oil production plant 1 t/h. Design, Assembly, Start-up.

    KEMIRA Świecie
Tall oil production plant 2,5 t/h. Design, Assembly, Start-up. 

SATURN Management Świecie

GZP Głuchołazy
Steam reduction and cooling station 120 t/h. Boiler dedusting installation 2xOR-16.
  Heat and Power Generating Plant Kalisz
Turbine Condenser

Condensing turbine-set. Contract, Design, Assembly supervision, Start-up.

Heat and Power Generating Plant Elbląg

Coking Plant Dębieńsko
Backpressure turbine-set
Backpressure turbine-set 2,5MW.

Design, Assembly, Start-up.

  • Installation, modernization and introduction of electronic control of 3 power turbogenerator units: 2,5 MW; 4 MW; 12 MW
  • Designs of rebuilding and modernization of a 50 MW network heat exchanging station with electronic optimization of heat generation
  • Technical experts opinions of the operation of two 13 MW power turbogenerator units
  • Feasibility studies of construction of a few industrial heat and power plants
  • Experts opinions on self-compensation and effort of power generation pipelines from DN250 to DN1000
  • Technical study of self-activation of 110 bar water supply pumps at a 700 MW heat and power plant
  • Construction of a few steam, gas and oil-fired boiler houses
  • Technical study of electronic control and regulation systems of gas power generation boilers in Russia (USA)
  • Design and stock-taking of an electronic part in a 700 MW heat and power plant with turbogenerator units of the total power rating 100 MW
  • Dismantling and transport of two power turbogenerator units at chemical plants in Germany
  • Design of a 20 MW water boiler (Germany)
  • Modernization and rebuilding, including electronic control and regulation system, of the tallol chemi-cal and paper glue production line in Poland and Russia
  • Technical design and documentation enabling granting of the licence by Office of Technical Inspec-tion (UDT) relating to a 230 t/h fluidized-bed boiler pipeline (Austria)
  • Design of a pipeline and licence-granting Office of Technical Inspection (UDT) design of a 13 MW back-pressure turbogenerator unit (Germany).

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